The Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation is a registered charity which coordinates and supports PE and sport for young people in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and parts of the City of London.

All young people are involved in the education system in some way and all will experience sport and physical activity during their school lives. We aim to support schools to deliver a positive and engaging experience which triggers a generational shift change in attitudes towards sport and health.


Young people in Tower Hamlets face a wide range of issues, not only in sport but within their lives in general, yet the borough’s schools consistently out-perform their context.

We are placing schools firmly at that centre of sports development in Tower Hamlets so that the expertise they contain and the reputation they   command can be used to enhance sport and physical activity for young people.

The status quo in Britain is for sporting policy and investment to be dominated by organisations
representing those already  fully engaged in sport  but in Tower Hamlets, where around 75% of young people are not engaged, we feel  it is imperative to introduce a new structure where young people, engaged or unengaged, guide development.

Galvanising the age-old gap between schools and clubs is an essential part of our vision for increasing participation yet we want to be driven by the needs of young people and if there is an opportunity missing within the borough which a young person needs then we will look elsewhere for it or create it.