Oct 20 2010: Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove announces axing of £162 million for the 450 School Sports Partnerships in England.

Oct 21 2010: Baroness Sue Campbell, chair of the Youth Sport Trust, receives letter from Education Minister cutting ties with YST. Campbell says Olympic legacy is in jeopardy.

Oct 21 2010: ‘Save School Sport Partnership’ campaign is launched with the Tower Hamlets SSP at the forefront of the campaign.

Oct 22 2010: Lincolnshire Youth Ambassador Debbie Foot, 17, enlists the help of Shuheb Karim (Tower Hamlets) to organise a national petition to save SSPs which generates 600,000 signatures in 2 month.
Nov 15 2010: 60 Head Teachers sign a letter to the Secretary of State calling for an immediate reinstating of the Programme – these include Chris Dunne and John Ridgeley on behalf of Tower Hamlets.
Nov 24 2010: Leader of the opposition Ed Miliband opens Prime Ministers Questions with three questions probing David Cameron about the Government’s decision to scrap funding for School Sport Partnerships.
Nov 30 2010 : Gove accused of “vandalism” in House of Commons by Shadow Education Secretary Andy Burnham – Jim Fitzpatrick uses progress made by the Tower Hamlets SSP to push for a Government re-think.
Dec 1 2010: PM David Cameron announces possible U-turn on the decision when he states Ministers will re-visit the plans.
Dec 3 2010: 75 Olympic Athletes led by Badminton Silver Medalist Gail Emms and including Darren Campbell, Denise Lewis and Tom Daley send the Prime Minister a letter demanding an immediate re-think.
Dec 7 2010: Three thousand teachers and young ambassadors including 150 young people and 25 staff from Tower Hamlets present the petition of 600,000 signatures to PM at 10 Downing Street to save School Sport Partnership infrastructure – Tower Hamlets MPs Jim Fitzpatrick and Rushanara Ali join the crowds outside the House of Commons to show their support for the campaign.
Dec 20 2010: David Cameron announces a review of the Government’s decision on funding for School Sports Partnerships.
Dec 25 2010: The Queen’s Christmas message underlines the value of School Sport Partnerships, leading with a statement outlining the irreplaceable value of sport in the lives of young people and communities in Britain.
Spring 2011: Although widely reported as a Government U-turn, only around 20% of funding for school sport is reinstated leading to job losses and dismantling of School Sport Partnerships across the country
Summer 2011: Langdon Park School, with the support of other Tower Hamlets Schools, props up the School Sport Partnership scheme for an interim period
Autumn 2011: With support from LBTH Children’s Services, Lloyd’s Community Programme and continued encouragement from borough school, the Partnership begins the process to transfer into a new entity with charitable status – the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation
Summer 2012: During the Olympic Games the Government comes under increasing scrutiny about what legacy the Games will leave for school sport now that the School Sport Partnership scheme has been abandoned
2012-2013: The Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation continues to lead the way in defying Government cuts and continuing the work of the School Sport Partnership scheme, as well as lobbying politicians and sports administrators to reinstate the scheme at every opportunity
March 2013: The Government is forced to announce an £150M investment in Primary School Sport from September 2013
July 2013: THYSF Manager Chris Willetts is invited by Shadow Minister for Sport Clive Efford to help shape the Labour Party’s pre-election proposals around PE and sport.