The Stepping Stones Programme is a borough-based scheme where young people can take their first steps into community sports participation, as both participants and leaders.

There are a host of economic, cultural, historical and geographic barriers to sport and physical activity for young people in Tower Hamlets resulting in extremely low participation rates. This, in turn, impacts health, educational attainment, social cohesion, crime and youth employment.

THYSF constructed the Stepping Stones Programme to overcome these barriers.

The programme addresses needs of both primary school aged children and young people aged 16+

NG Locksley Leopards Aug 14For children aged 7-11, the programme’s activity is free, local, promoted via schools and is influenced by our young leaders who know and understand the issues that affect participation in their neighbourhoods.

For young people aged 16+, sports leadership programmes are available to PETAs (Physical Education Teaching Assistants) through the Stepping Stones programme. Courses are provided for free, enabling young people to take up voluntary and paid opportunities in school and community settings. Our PETAs are supported throughout this process, which usually takes place in an environment they are familiar with, such as their old primary school or local estate ball court.

The aims of the programme are:

  • To┬áincrease the amount of physical activity that young people do
  • To support more young people to get involved with club sport
  • To extend holiday provision
  • To contribute to the personal development of participating young people
  • To contribute to the social development of the local community

To develop young people as sports leaders, providing vocational experiences and improving employability.