All Tower Hamlets schools undergo a thorough process to establish their PE and sport priorities for the year. That process is outlined in the attached document.

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School agreed the following priorities with the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation for the 2016/17 academic year:

Gymnastics - To improve teachers deliver and become more confident with the subject knowledge.Gymnastics support from Maxine (THYSF) and KS1 inset within cluster
Swimming - To raise the standards and get more pupils to attain the 25m markTo apply for funding and deliver sessions to upper KS2
Cricket - Develop delivery and improve subject knowledge for teachersThrough 1:1 curriculum support and or Inset delivered by THYSF
SEN - To include pupils of lower abilityTroy from THYSF to help deliver sessions provide specific training and use of different types of equipment.
Support Staff - Develop playground game ideasCPD courses delivered by Shuhel THYSF
Early Years Foundation TrainingCPD provided by THYSF

The previous year’s priorities were:

Tennis/ Hockey/ Basketball – curriculum support
Autumn Term
Fully booked – we coulnd’t get the support as all the afternoon times fully booked;
Talks with Abdal to get an INSET training in one of the areas of PE teaching;
Dance/ Cricket/ Rugby/ Judo – curriculum support
Spring Term
Getting in touch with Abdal/ Shuhel when time to book;
Curriculum support:
Dance – Sophia to support Anna (PE Co.) from January 2015

Dance / Cricket / Rugby
Football/ Badminton/ Handball – curriculum support
Summer Term
Getting in touch with Abdal/ Shuhel when time to book;
Curriculum support:

Football / Handball / Badminton

If no chance to get curriculum support – Staff INSET
Staff INSET To train Class Teachers/ PE Co. in specific areas of PE teaching

Staff INSET – Dance: 25th Jan 4pm-5pm (Sophie)