All Tower Hamlets schools undergo a thorough process to establish their PE and sport priorities for the year. That process is outlined in the attached document.

St Agnes Catholic Primary School agreed the following priorities with the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation for the 2014/15 academic year:

To further the use of assessment in PELook into assessment regarding PE and make staff who deliver PE aware of the tools available to evaluate the progress made by pupil
Increase the number partaking in after school clubs
Ensure there are wide range of children from all backgroundd psrtsking in after school clubs. Particularly those who would not usually get the chance.
Increas the quality of the PE lessons being taught within school.When THYSF staff are in school, allow the class teacher not to take a backset role but to collaborate with them using their expertise. Together through team teaching and slowly allowing the class teacher to take a moreindependant in the high quality teaching of PE which can continue on after the THYSF staff have left.
Encourage more school participation in competitions.The school needs to enter more competitions for sports. New after school clubs to be set up, encouraging participation in sports.
New Boys football club to be set up for year 3-5

Further to this, the school has also seen the following successes, all supported by the investment of Government Primary PE and Sport Premium funding: