Cayley Primary School was allocated £10,080 through the Government’s Primary PE and Sport Premium for the 2015/16 academic year.

£10,080 of this allocation, plus £4,149 of the school’s Pupil Premium funding, has been used as a contribution towards supporting the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation.



The Primary PE and Sport Premium allocation contributed to the Foundation was spent across the following areas:


Total Grant Received£10,080
Spending on Extra-Curricular Sport£2,218
Spending on Curriculum Support£2,016
Spending on Competitions£908
Spending on Club and Community Sport£1,613
Spending on Coaching and Leadership£908
Spending on Talent ID & Support£807
Spending on Preserving the 2012 Legacy£605
Spending on Administration£1,008



The Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation has combined this funding with that from other schools, School Games Organiser funding, other sports funding and a significant amount of income accumulated through private sector fundraising, to help schools make the most effective and efficient use of the allocation. The use of this funding considers national/Government guidance on the funding’s usage, local priorities and the school’s specific needs.


Tower Hamlets is an area that is historically high in deprivation, population churn and immigrant families new to the UK and is likely to require ongoing investment in PE and Sport through which, if continued, equitable integration is to be realised. THYSF supports schools to sustain provision and initiatives through the following measures:
  • Incorporating outcomes for Primary Schools into Borough Sports Strategy and Planning
  • Diversifying income streams and mainstreaming projects
  • Coordinating and influencing National Governing Body, County Sport Partnership, Youth Sport Trust and other sports organisations’ investment in Tower Hamlets
  • Building a local workforce through the professional development of school staff and a strong sports leadership programme for young people
  • Developing a fit for purpose sporting infrastructure that strengthens links with key clubs in the region who grow to become key stakeholders in Tower Hamlets school sport

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