PE is a subject which aims to develop mental and physical health and is key in the growth and development of a child and preparing for them for a healthier lifestyle.

Not only is PE cross-curricular but it also provides us with the knowledge of our bodies from musculoskeletal to physiological systems.

We aim to support schools to deliver a positive and engaging experience which triggers a generational shift change in attitudes towards sport and health.

Young people in Tower Hamlets face a wide range of issues, not only in sport but within their lives in general, yet the borough’s schools consistently out-perform their context. We are placing schools firmly at that centre of sports development in Tower Hamlets so that the expertise they contain and the reputation they command can be used to enhance sport and physical activity for young people.

Whilst merit and performance are an essential element of progress in sport, we aim to ensure they are the only factors which affect our young people’s participation. Certainly we are determined that their backgrounds, circumstances and location should not.

Research conducted by the British Heart Foundation found that levels of activity for boys tend to peak between the ages of 10-13 and only at 4 for girls. Moreover, in boys, a decline in activity if seen in adolescence from the age of 14; in girls this is from the age of eight. Such worrying findings alongside the knowledge that the level of obesity in 6 year olds has doubled in the last ten years illustrates how vital PE is.