The 29th of May set the date for the British Under 17 Championships, hosted at the Phoenix Theatre in Castleford, where Oaklands Weightlifters had qualified three athletes. 
First up was Taslima Begum competing in the -48kg category. With a good warm-up she hit her opening snatch of 48kg with ease. Next up, and for a new personal best was 51kg, another successful lift. Last attempt was 53kg which sadly wasn’t within her. The attempt took a grave toll aggregating her previous injury of the elbow. Clean and jerk was next, opening with 65kg and nailing it. Moving on to 68kg for the second attempt, sadly missing the cleans on both the second and final third attempt. Taslima finished with a 116kg total that awarded her 2nd place and also qualified her for the European Youth Championships 2016 in Poland. A huge accomplishment, especially battling injury.
Ubayda Choudhury was up next, competing in the -62kg category. Another great warm-up meant that the snatch went very well. Success in every attempt resulted in a PB snatch of 54kg to finish. On to the clean & jerk, with a strong open at 63kg, and successful second attempt at 66kg sealed the number 2 spot. A final attempt at 71kg would be a new PB, which went up easier then expected but was ruled out for a minor technical infringement. None the less, Ubayda took a very respectable second place with a total of 100kg.
Last but certainly not least would be Naqibul Hasan. Naqibul was competing in the -85kg category. Starting off on the snatch, a comfortable 65kg opener followed by another easy 71kg second attempt, and new PB. Sadly the third attempt at 75kg was ruled a no-lift but a satisfactory start to Naqibuls competition. Clean and Jerk was up next, but sadly Naqibul was suffering from a wrist injury that wasn’t helping the situation. After a warm-up Naqibul opened the clean and jerk with 90kg, to seal a total. Next attempt would be 100kg, which was ruled as a no lift. This was mostly due to his wrist stressing him during the lift, so we decided to abandon the last attempt. Regardless, he had done enough to claim the number two spot!
Quote from Rich Kite the head coach of Oaklands Weightlifters; “what a day! Everyone took the silver spots, it’s an amazing reward for the guys who have worked so hard for this. It’s been great for them to see the best lifters in our country in action, and has hopefully Inspired them to keep getting better. Very pleased with Taslima’s qualification for the European Youths, and immensely proud of the boys who have limited experience yet accomplished so much! We are becoming a force to reckon with.”
Next competition that Oaklands Weightlifters will be at will be the London Youth Games hosted at Crystal Palace. Make sure you come along to see some of the best lifters in the country in action.