All Tower Hamlets schools undergo a thorough process to establish their PE and sport priorities for the year. That process is outlined in the attached document.

Mayflower Primary School agreed the following priorities with the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation for the 2014/15 academic year:

To take part in more competitions - cluster sports and wider community.Competition date comfirmed already for Thursday 12th Feb 2015- Cricket Competition
To have teams set up in the school-groups of children to have ready for any competitions that may come upTo develop Mayflower Football team-girls and boys team.
To have more teachers confident and able in carrying out outstanding PE sessions across the school and not just by the skilled sports coaches coming in.Courses to be attended by key staff or PLT to then be fed back to school.
Assessment in PE- Langdon Park schemeTo have a clear assessment sheet that will show the progression od all children in key skills taught in the sessions delivered.
Swimming- national target met by children at the end of year 6.Longer swimming sessions?
Opportunities for children to achieve this, not just in the weekly swimming sessions at school

Further to this, the school has also seen the following successes, all supported by the investment of Government Primary PE and Sport Premium funding: