All Tower Hamlets schools undergo a thorough process to establish their PE and sport priorities for the year. That process is outlined in the attached document.

Arnhem Wharf Primary School agreed the following priorities with the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation for the 2015/16 academic year:

To develop the confidence of teachers to teach dance and gymnastics Enrol staff on CPD courses
For teachers to have good MTP for PE that thinks about differentiation and way to extend children Training sessions that talk about examples and ideas of ways to support all children.
implementing assessment across the school (staff meeting)
Regular monitoring of data collection
For children to participate in more competitions Sign up to more competitions and see what can work with year group timetables.

The previous year’s priorities were:

Implement the new National Curriculum effectivelyPE learning walks and feedback
Monitoring of Medium Term Plans
meeting with teachers to provide support for MTPs.
Staff training opportunities through THYSF.
PE progression od skills to be developed
PE learning walk report summary
Researching and implementing assessment in PE through detailed assessment of all students in KS2 and KS3PE co-ordinator to research and trail a PE assessment format.
implementing assessment across the school (staff meeting)
Regular monitoring of data collection
Teachers to become more confident in deliverling PE lessonsSpecialist coaches to work with each teacher for at least a term, following a strict structure: observe coach x 2 lessons, team teach x 2 lessons, to observed teching by coach x 2 lessons.
Staff training
Teachers surveys following coach input

Further to this, the school has also seen the following successes, all supported by the investment of Government Primary PE and Sport Premium funding: