Please download our High Quality PE ManualĀ here

Our vision for Physical Education in Tower Hamlets

We believe that PE in Tower Hamlets should:

  • Be delivered by highly competent and confident teachers
  • Be actively assisted by support staff who take their role in supporting PE seriously
  • Be diverse and varied in order to engage the widest range of children
  • Be inclusive and accessible to all, yet challenging for the most able children
  • Be given equal priority to any other subject area on the National Curriculum
  • Support while-school plans and priorities
  • Contribute significantly to a child’s personal and social development
  • Improve children’s understanding of health and inspire a life-long commitment to exercise

Children and their families in Tower Hamlets should be able to expect a similar quality and amount of Physical Education and School Sport regardless of which school they attend. Therefore we are strongly committed to setting guideline standards for schools and sharing information about local and national trends.