In a borough where just 4.5% of adults volunteer any time for sport (Sport England, 2012), many of our aims around participation would be flawed without an equal focus on developing a coaching and leadership workforce.

Our generational shift change in attitudes towards sport will only be successful if this generation of young people become the next coaches, managers, officials and administrators in sport, as well as players and supporters.


Tower Hamlets has one of the youngest average populations in London (London Data Store, 2013) with almost 65% of residents being under 35 years old (Office of National Statistics, 2012) and so it is essential to have a regular flow of young people who are not only trained and qualified to take leading roles in sport, but are mobilised and supported to do so.

It is also important that in a borough with such a large proportion of young people, those young people have a strong and coherent voice in influencing planning and policy around sport.