Transition from school sport to club sport is the pivotal part of the sporting pathway and it dominates attention from development professionals the world over.

There are a number of complex factors which dictate why a young person begins to take part in sport outside of school and in Tower Hamlets, there are an equally complex set of factors as to why they do not.


Participation retention is also a universal issue, particularly as young people get to school-leaving ageand get other pressures on their time.

THYSF believes strongly in encouraging life-long participation. All of the health, personal and community benefits sport has can only be maintained if involvement is sustained.

A life-long engagement benefits sport and benefits the local community but in Tower Hamlets where traditionally so few families have participated outside of school in the first place, retention is a secondary aim.

This is why we believe the change in model we have been able to introduce, where school sport and youth club/community sport are managed by the same organisation, is such a significant and relevant innovation.