World Cup fever hit Tower Hamlets as 14 promising young rugby players from the Clifford Chance Rugby Academy got the opportunity to watch Ireland take on Italy in a World Cup qualifying match at the Olympic stadium. 


The children in the Academy received training in school before taking part in a touch rugby tournament this summer. The 14 “star” players were selected to attend the World Cup match from 300 children in the academy. 




Excitement for the World Cup hit fever pitch on the day of the match and the children loved the experience of attending a world-class live sport event in a prestigious Olympic Legacy venue. For most of them it was their first time watching a live game of rugby and experiencing the atmosphere of international rugby.


Much to the delight of the surrounding fans the Clifford Chance Rugby Academy cohort chose to support Ireland and embraced the spirit of the event, joining the crowd in all of the cheering and singing.


With the game finishing 16-9 in favour of Ireland the kids said goodbye to the stadium on a high and made their way home – still happily talking about what they had been a part of and how great it would be to play in a World Cup when they are older. 


Attending the match was a fantastic way to engage further the Rugby Academy participants in the game as they move forward to touch rugby with a view to joining district teams as they grow as players. We’re very grateful to Clifford Chance for sharing this opportunity with us and our enthusiastic young rugby fans.