Mission Statement

Providing outstanding opportunities and support for young people in Tower Hamlets to reach their potential, realise their ambitions and develop personally through sport

From 2004 until 2011 THYSF operated as the Tower Hamlets School Sports Partnership with a focus on increasing the amount and quality of school sport across all of the borough’s schools. In 2011 the Government removed funding for that scheme nationally but with the support of those schools, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and some corporate partners, we evolved into THYSF with a wider focus on all sport, physical activity and health for 4-19 year olds in Tower Hamlets. We currently have 18 members of staff with our governance coming from a board of trustees who span the public and private sector.

The foundation is widely recognised for outstanding practice and we play an essential role in both school and community youth sport. Our child-centred approach to sports development is a core value and we are driven by the needs of the schools and young people that we serve. Young people in Tower Hamlets face a wide range of issues, not only in sport, yet the borough’s schools consistently out-perform their context.

We are placing schools firmly at the centre of  sports development in Tower Hamlets so that the expertise they contain and the reputation they command can be used to enhance sport and physical activity for young people. In Britain, sporting policy and investment is frequently dominated by organisations representing those already fully engaged in sport but, in Tower Hamlets, where around 75% of young people are not engaged, we feel it is imperative to introduce a new structure where young people guide development.

Galvanising the age-old gap between schools and clubs is an essential part of our vision for increasing participation, yet we want to be driven by the needs of young people. If there is an opportunity within the borough which a young person needs, we shall strive to create it. Whilst merit and performance are an essential element of progress in sport, we aim to ensure they are the only factors which affect our young people’s participation. Certainly we are determined that their backgrounds, circumstances and location should not.